See the progress of the mobile phone, nowadays; you will realize that the productions are strongly exploded. From the manufacture that they concern on the television, the radio, and the electricity, it does not include the newest manufactures. They show their selves that they have a quality to build the quality mobile phone. Some innovations are made such as the television on TV, the streaming application, and etc. The next question, are they necessary?

To solve that question, you have to ask to your selves the main point to have mobile phone. By considering that question, you will eliminate it that does not have any functions as the expected mobile phone. For the manufactures that you have already known, they will offer the standard applications of the mobile. In contrast, the unfamiliar name of the manufactures, they will present the newest thing, but it does not seem essential.

For the known manufactures, mobile phone is like the magnet. People will buy it because the qualities are taken for guaranteed. Yet, the newest manufacture’s mobile, they will try to open the market place with the interesting applications on the mobile. In fact, the weaker aspect will happen because of that. For the example is the television on mobile. This will make the battery easy to explode in fast. This is also experienced by my friends that they have that kind of the mobile made in from China with awkward name’s mobile phone.

No longer, the battery is over heat and it is easy to low. During a day, they have to charge their mobile in average 3 times. Since that, the power bank does not help much. Well, getting the appropriate mobile phone will support your activity on gaining the information, downloading the music, the video, and seeking the entertainments especially playing the game on line.